Beau Han Bridge is a Chinese Canadian director and producer of film and theatre. In 2017, he created Midtwenties Theatre Society, a non-profit theatre company based in Vancouver, BC, to produce original plays that focus on contemporary-millennial stories and coming-of-age themes. Since then, Beau has produced several plays, short films, dance films, and graduated from Simon Fraser University's School for the contemporary Arts as a fellow film student alumnus. 

As of 2021, his most recent co-directed dance film The Threshing Floor (2021), done in collaboration with respected choreographer Rob Kitsos and Composer Mauricio Pauly, is set to premiere at the 2021 Dancing on the Edge Festival in July. He is also very grateful to have been  awarded a Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Canada graduate scholarship to develop an original thesis film that explores his chinese canadian roots through an interdisciplinary lens of chamber cinema and theatre scenography. He will serve as the writer and director for this work when he begins his MFA studies at York University in the fall. 


New Dance Film "The Threshing Floor" - by Rob Kitsos & I

will premiere at the
2021 Dancing on the Edge Festival, July 8th - 18th!

The new dance film I have been working on in collaboration with Dance Artist Rob Kitsos ( and Music Composer Mauricio Pauly ( for my FCAT Research Fellowship will be premiering at the 2021 Dancing on the Edge Festival from July 8th-18th in Vancouver! I will share more details once the schedule is released! <3 - B


Happy to announce that I have been accepted into York University's MFA Film Program in Toronto!

Very excited to announce that I will be commencing an MFA in film production this coming Fall 2021 at York University in toronto, ON! Getting a masters degree has been a dream for both me and my family, and I being able to pursue it through my love for film (and theatre of course...more on that in the near future!) is honestly a dream come true for me. I would like to send a gratitude and general thanks to the people who helped support me in my applications and art, including the professors and students at SFU School for the Contemporary Arts, my film cohort, my family, my partner, and the professional artists and workers who I have been fortunate enough to work and learn under the past two years. I will be in frequent back and forth between Vancouver and Toronto, so nevertheless stay tuned for more updates here on my new adventures and I cannot wait to make y'all proud!


Happy to announce that I am a recipient of the 2021 SFU FCAT Undergraduate Research Fellowship Award

Will be filming and collaborating on a dance piece called "The Threshing Floor" with Dance Artist Rob Kitsos and Composer Mauricio Pauly

The FCAT Undergraduate Research Fellowship Award aims to encourage students to pursue research in their field of study.

The program offers students the opportunity to Interact with top professors in the field, apply knowledge gained to real-world problems, network with faculty beyond the classroom, connect with graduate students, gain critical leadership, team-building and critical thinking skills, and earn money while gaining valuable research experience.

Further info can be found at:


Still of my short film "Lone Scholar in the Autumn Woods" wins SFU photo contest

Announcing the winners of the Fall 2020 FCAT Photo Contest

FCAT students submitted their photos for a chance to win a $50 e-gift card or one of two $25 runner-up e-gift cards for each of the three categories below. I was very happy to one of the three final winners! 

You can find all of the photos at:


BACKBONE on Vimeo until New Years!

Check it out via SFU SCA's vimeo page now until Dec 31st, 2020

Ascension 2020 is now publically available on the SFU SCA Vimeo page. Check out "Backbone" (and the whole show) that premiered on Dec 11th, 2020. Thank you to those that attended the lovely show then also, and happy holidays!


The Summer Dance Film Anthology

 Now Available on Vimeo!

Check them all out at

The 10-part 2020 summer dance film anthology that I co-created with choreographer/dancer Jullianna Oke is officially free and available to watch anytime on vimeo! Thank you to everyone who supported our creative endeavours this summer amidst the pandemic - As artists we must continue to be inspired and open to the new events around us and embrace all of these new forms and questions that this pandemic has given us. Never feel discouraged to stop creating and sharing if you are inspired by a spark and remember that art speaks on its own terms beyond us all. On behalf of Jules and I, we thank you for your time and we cannot wait to keep exploring and bringing forth new findings. Much love and happy Fall 2020! ❤️🍁🍂💕💃🏻

dance 1 - title card.PNG
dance film 10 - title card.JPG
dance 2 - title card.jpg
dance 6 - title card.jpg
dance 7 - title card.jpg
dance 4 - title card.jpg
dance 5 - title card.jpg
dance 8 - title card.jpg
dance 9 - title card.jpg
dance 3 - title card.jpg


A One-Minute Short Film - now available on Vimeo & Youtube!

A one-minute short film I made for the #InspiredByTENET filmmaking contest. Enjoy!

Concept: A mother helps her daughter move out into a new apartment.

Featuring Bea Bridge (My Sis) & Jackie Bridge (My Mom)

Directed, Shot, Edited, Written by Beau Han Bridge

Special Thanks to my sister and mom, lol.

#InspiredByTENET @WarnerBrosCA


The "Films I shot at Ucluelet with Jullianna" trio of shorts is now available to stream on my Vimeo - Watch!

Check out new shorts "Kanashikatta", "Call the Earth to Witness" and "On Parting After Rain" on my page at

I shot these three shorts over a 3-day weekend with my lovely partner/choreographer/dancer Jullianna Oke. Very excited with the results and the new gear. :3 Please enjoy and spread the love by sharing with others if you like! <3

Films available to view:

Kanashikatta - Dance Film Six (2020 | 3m40s)

Call the Earth to Witness (2020 | 5m20s)

On Parting After Rain (2020 | 3m50s)

Vimeo links available by clicking on the posters or in their bios!

Kanashikatta - Dance Film Six
Call the Earth to Witness - Dance Film Seven
On Parting After Rain


Check out several of my older shoestring film works, including my features "Ocean", "The Modern Angel Trilogy", and my adaptation of Jean Cocteau's "The Human Voice" anytime via:

Today is three years since the opening day of the first ever play I directed for Midtwenties Theatre Society called "This is Our Youth". Since then, I have been endlessly plagued by the curiosities of living and other people's stories. I owe a huge everlasting debt of my exploration in film to the precious craft of THEATRE and to celebrate a span of three incredibly creative years (which have gone by way too fast), I have decided to make several of my old film works available to view publicly on my vimeo page for free. These works shall remain open for the future and were created with an abundance of friends and collaborators who are a million times more talented than I and who I have been fortunate enough to learn from and share a moment of time with in the past. Some of these artists I am lucky to still get a chance to collaborate with or occasionally grab a beer with, and some I have sadly grown distant from overtime and will once in a while look back on in a positive light. Nevertheless, I owe my artistic drive and heart to all of these people, and so I hope that - like me - you may get a chance to watch their glow, which I have tried (and shall continue to try)  my best to capture through lens, stage, and montage. Please enjoy and cheers to the next three-years, and to the new works that shall ensue. <3

Films available to view:

Ocean (2017 | 110 mins)

Two Lonely Kids (2019 | 22 mins)

The Divine Tragedy of Digital Youth (6 mins)

Reminder (4 mins)

The Modern Angel Trilogy (2017 | 75 mins)

Homecoming (2018 | 9 mins)

Siblings (2017 | 22 mins)

The Red Coat (2019 | 11 mins)

The Human Voice (2019 | 59 mins)

Two Lonely Kids.png
The Modern Angel Trilogy.png
The Red Coat.png
The Human Voice.png
The Divine Tragedy of Digital Youth.png


"At the End of the Day: Dance Film Five" available now on Vimeo

Now available to watch on my vimeo channel! Please check out one of the many dance shorts I co-created with Vancouver-Based Choreographer & Partner Jullianna Oke! 

(2020 - 10 mins) Synopsis: At the end of the day, what else is new? A girl wonders as she wanders.

Directed & Edited by Beau Han Bridge

Choreographed & Starring Jullianna Oke



"Blossoms: Dance Film Three" now available to watch on Vimeo!

Now available to watch on my vimeo channel! Please check out part three of the dance shorts anthology I co-created with Vancouver-Based Choreographer & Partner Jullianna Oke! 

(2020 | 9 mins)

Synopsis: Part Three of a short dance film anthology. Spring arrives and a woman finds herself in a different place than she once was.

Directed & Edited by Beau Han Bridge

Choreography & Dance By Jullianna Oke

View More

New Directing Reel for 2020!

Edited for this August - enjoy!

Films Excerpts Included:

"At the End of the Day: Dance Film Five" (2020)

"Kanashikatta" (2020)

"The SAS" (2020)

"Call the Earth to Witness" (2020)

"Above The Hospital" (2020)

"The Red Coat" (2019)

"Reminder" (2019)

"The Divine Tragedy of Digital Youth" (2019)

"Ruin: Dance Film Four" (2020)


"LOVE IS ALL" now available on SOFY.TV

Just got notice yesterday that the first ever short film I made in 2016 called LOVE IS ALL got picked up by Sofy.TV and is now available on their streaming platform for rent or subscription viewing!

If you slow cinema-mumblecore film fans are interested, feel free to rent it via the link.


(2016 - 18 mins | directed by Beau Han Bridge)