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Culture Club - Push Festival Char Bagh 1 - Nisha Sembi Interview (Jan 2015)

Beau interviews one of the feature artists of Push Festival's Char Bagh that is occurring on January 31st, 2015.

Nisha Kaur Sembi was born and raised in Berkeley, California where she currently lives and works. With any art that she produces, whether it be her digital, fine art, or street art work, Nisha’s main objective is to use her art as a platform to bridge self expression with social change. By combining Indian culture with hip-hop culture, Nisha has channeled a new style called Kalakari (“Artistry”) through which she has been crafting art work, digital design projects, and apparel design that break through traditional boundaries and bring forth a fresh and eclectic urban/cultural aesthetic.

Nisha graduated from San Francisco State University’s prestigious Design and Industrial Arts Program in 2011, where she studied Visual Communications while spearheading the South Asian Studies program. Currently, Nisha works as a freelance graphic designer and is working on upcoming art exhibitions and collaborative projects that will take place around the globe.

Char Bagh is the Persian term for a quadrilateral garden divided by water and pathways; a space for exchange and contemplation. Enter Digital Handloom’s curated modern bagh, and experience four methods of storytelling: Mandeep Sethi spits hip hop with a social conscience; graffiti artist Nisha Sembi responds with painting; Rupi Kaur celebrates the beauty of broken English; followed by a dance party DJed by Sethi. Nights like this are, too often, only dreamed of!

Music is brought to you by Nas.



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