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Culture Club - Push Festival Char Bagh 2 - Rupi Kaur Interview (Jan 2015)

Beau interviews one of the feature artists of 2015 Push Festival's Char Bagh: Spoken word Poet Rupi Kaur.

Rupi Kaur is a Writer and Spoken Word Artist based in Toronto, Ontario. Through her creative work she documents the experiences of being a diasporic coloured woman in a society that is quick to silence that demographic down. Delving into topics of femininity, love, abuse, and healing, her poetry forces the reader and listener to feel emotions they often tend to avoid experiencing. She will have you laughing and crying and smiling again all in a matter of a few poems. Having performed from coast to coast, New York to California, Toronto to Vancouver we welcome her back to take our city by storm. Her desire is to inspire all those that touch her work to practice kindness and love. Tenderness is the mission, poetry is the weapon.

Char Bagh is the Persian term for a quadrilateral garden divided by water and pathways; a space for exchange and contemplation. Enter Digital Handloom’s curated modern bagh, and experience four methods of storytelling: Mandeep Sethi spits hip hop with a social conscience; graffiti artist Nisha Sembi responds with painting; Rupi Kaur celebrates the beauty of broken English; followed by a dance party DJed by Sethi. Nights like this are, too often, only dreamed of!

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